Who was Cumming?

Reg ID Hash Handle Hash Kennel Paid
22nd Row HookerFrankfurt H3Yes
29AeugeleColombo Hash House HarriersYes
14Aint Ze Bush ( Bushy )Colombo Hash House HarriersYes
102AkuFrankfurt H3Yes
117AlmoranasSubic Bay H3 PhilippinesYes
177Anatomically Incorrect KenBitburg H3Yes
132Anything ButtAmsterdam H3Yes
176Ass JabberBitburg H3Yes
32B..M..W..Munich H3Yes
116B.A.B.E.Edmonton H3Yes
65Back Alley SallyHannover H3Yes
155Bambi BaitStuttgart H3Yes
42Ban the CockThe Hague H3Yes
122Beaver PuntBerlin H3Yes
135BeerkickerFrankfurt H3Yes
141Belches with WolvesZürich H3Yes
30Betty BoopMunich H3Yes
154BigglesCopenhagen H3Yes
77Biggus dickusBMPH3Canceled
148Bilge BallsLagos Away TeamYes
107BirdbrianMunich H3Yes
28Blue MoonStuttgart H3Yes
172Bobbing for BoobiesStuttgart H3Yes
140BooBooDIVA HHHYes
1BoozeHamburg H7Yes
91Bum BurglarSubic Bay H3 PhilippinesCanceled
131Bun BanditAmsterdam H3Yes
163CallgirlCapital H3 New Delhi/Berlin H3Yes
51Charlie BrownVIP H3Yes
92Chief Tucker FuckerSubic Bay H3 PhilippinesYes
67ChiquitaVIP H3Yes
70CoghHannover H3Yes
134Coitus InterruptusSembach/D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3Yes
52Colour of the EggsHannover H3Yes
171Cunning LinguistStuttgart H3Yes
75DarlieBali H3Canceled
101Dash Hound BitchBeijing HashCanceled
34Der Tulip EaterCopenhash H3Yes
24Die PilleHannover H3Yes
89Dirty MartiniFrankfurt H3Yes
20Doggy StyleHannover H3Yes
43Double Dutch MountainThe Hague H3Yes
79Double FisterStuttgart H3Yes
144Dr. p NellieHansestadt Hamburg Hash House Harriers Hummel HummelYes
121Drama QueenGeneva H3Yes
41Dutch OvenFrankfurt H3Yes
74DykeFingerChristmas Island H3Canceled
153E.T.Copenhagen H3Yes
22Easily SatisfiedSembach H3Canceled
73Engine FuckerFrankfurt H3Yes
76Erectus MaximusHomelessYes
60Eye of the TigerSchaffhausenYes
81EzRideHerAgaña H3Yes
44F1Berlin H3Yes
45F7Berlin H3Yes
47Father AbrahamFrankfurt H3Yes
59Father BrownHannover H3Canceled
161Fellowship of the CockringBoston H3Yes
129Finnish on my FaceFt. Lauderdale Wildcard H3Yes
179FlashmanHanoi Hash House HarriersYes
54Glow JobBerlin H3Yes
105GoldfishSans Clue H3Yes
19GreaseFrankfurt H3Canceled
18Gypsy RoseFrankfurt H3Yes
58Hairy Bell KnobBristol GreyhoundYes
49Hand in HorseBerlin H3Yes
8Hanse Sl*tFrankfurt H3Yes
103HelicunterSembach H3Yes
50HellcatFrankfurt H3Yes
31Helmet ze KuntBerlin H3Yes
86High 5 When I CumSembach H3Yes
38High OctaneBerlin H3Yes
84Hippoty HoppHannover H3Yes
181HorseHannover H3Yes
21Hot ClimaxBerlin H3Yes
63Hot NutsMiami H3Yes
68Hung Like This Munich H3Yes
165I am VajazzedStuttgart H3Yes
69Ice HoleFrankfurt H3Yes
7Ich Been LaidenBerlin H3Yes
152Inflate A Date Carolina Trash H3Canceled
90InkaBerlin H3Yes
138Inspector GadgetCardiff H3Yes
87Insta GAGSembach H3Yes
175Just AngelikaBerlin H3Yes
168Just EliseBerlin H3Yes
124Just MartinBerlin H3Yes
174Karda-she ain't Sembach H3Yes
35KimbuktwoColombo Hash House HarriersYes
48Kiss me KindlBerlin H3Yes
36KitOffCantabrigensis HHHYes
9Knicker ElasticFrankfurt H3Yes
142KnickerlessHamburg V.I.P. H3Yes
156Late CommerVIP H3Yes
12Lecher MagooFrankfurt H3Yes
53Likk'mmEuroHash 2015Yes
23Little AdonisHannover H3Yes
57Little eruptionLiverpoolYes
106Little Sperm MaidCopenhagen H3Yes
151Liver DanceAmsterdam H3Yes
180LongshanksMunich H3Yes
39Loping scrotumCopenhagen H3Yes
158Low ProfileBad Habits H3 / Stuttgart H3Yes
159M.C. Pee PantsRoad WhoreYes
104MaBoucheSans Clue H3Yes
164Mango SuckerBerlin H3Yes
97MeMeZürich H3Yes
127Meryl StripBasel H3Yes
128Message In My ButtholeSembach H3Yes
88Missed The HoleFrankfurt H3Yes
25Miss ObedienceCantabrigensis HHHYes
61Mobile DickCopenhagen Viking WankersYes
123Mouth OrganBerlin H3Yes
118Mr. BeanBerlin H3Yes
125MultislackerBerlin H3Yes
15NiceboyFrankfurt H3Yes
66Noble LocksC.R.A.P. HHHYes
115Old RockHannover H3Canceled
137One Hot MamaStuttgart H3Yes
169Ouch My BallsSembach H3Yes
126Out of AfricaBasel H3Yes
170Pant in the CountryHamburg H7Canceled
147PetrifiedLagos Away TeamYes
145PhotoCopulatorStuttgart H3Yes
78Pic of the LitterSembach H3Yes
100Pissing Up DaisiesStuttgart H3Yes
6PissonyaDresden H3Yes
160Po-Po PeepshowBoston H3Yes
112Pole DancerMunich H3Yes
17PopoliciousBerlin H3Yes
149PoposchnitzelBerlin H3Canceled
85Queen of ShotsHannover H3Yes
120Racing LobsterBerlin H3Yes
130Return to genderHurricane H3Yes
93Ride me AmadeusFrankfurt H3Yes
37RingpieceBerlin H3Yes
150Rug BurnoutBerlin H3Yes
33S3 - Schütte Shit ShooterBerlin H3Yes
178SauerkrautBerlin H3Yes
167See ThruBerlin H3Yes
110SextrapBerlin H3Yes
10Short, Fat & BlackBerlin H3Yes
27Shut UpStuttgart H3Yes
113Shut Up & Bend OverMunich H3Yes
26Silent PBerlin H3Yes
166SlutterflyBerlin H3Yes
83SmokestackMunich H3Canceled
40Soaked ArseÅrhus H3Canceled
99Soft LipsStuttgart H3Yes
143SpermdonorHamburg V.I.P. H3Yes
119SperminatorBerlin H3Yes
3Squashed FlatHamburg H7Yes
64St.BernardHannover H3Yes
5STDHolyland H3Yes
62Steaming Cougar BaitCopenhagen Viking WankersYes
4SwansFrankfurt H3Yes
108SymphomaniacBerlin H3Yes
80Tacos On A BridgeSembach H3Yes
133Takes 3 2 Make Me CumSembach/Heidelberg H3Yes
94Tastes Like Chicken (TLC)Sembach H3Canceled
139Teacher's PetSembach HHH - D.R.I.F.T.E.R HHHYes
96Thirsty ThursdayZürich H3Canceled
98TNTStuttgart H3Yes
162Trippin' Curry Goody Two-ShoesEtna H3Yes
11UnipornDresden H3Yes
111Vagina DestroyerBerlin H3Yes
136Veni Vidi VittuFrankfurt H3Yes
16Weenie BikiniFrankfurt H3Yes
95Wet&ReadyZürich H3Canceled
173WOPSSembach H3Yes
13Worzel GummidgeC.R.A.P. HHHYes
82Wouldn't ChewBMPH3Yes
71Yoga PornBMPH3Yes
157ZumbaBerlin H3Yes